Puppy Reservations

We are now accepting a limited number of deposits for the following expected and future litters.

(Deposits are non-refundable.)

Please inquire by email!

Puppy prices vary with the average price $2500-3000

Kazia/Tar Foot Baby

Black Parti, Brown Parti, White

Expected size: 4-5 pounds

Projected litter: 2021

Dutchess/Tar Foot Baby

Black, Gray, Silver, White, Abstract

Expected size: 5-6 pounds

Projected litter:  2021

Maggie/Tar Foot Baby 

Apricot, Black, White, Abstract

Expected size: 8-12 pounds

Projected litter:  2021

Max. Reservations Received

1. Pam L. W

2. Bunny M.

3.Ron B.

1. Jessica B.

2. Rebecca B.


1. Hold for CMTP

2. Reserved (F)

3. Reserved (M)

4.Reserved (M)


Additional litters are planned for Feb-April but have not been advertised.  If you would be interested in a puppy from one of these unadvertised litters, please add your name to our "Waiting List" using the link at the top of the page. This will add your name to our email list for notifications and updates on upcoming litters, birth announcements, and more!

Q's and A's:

Q: How much is your required deposit?

A: $500

Q: Can I pay for the puppy in full instead of the minimum deposit?

A: You can pay for the puppy in full instead of the minimum deposit. If you choose this option, $500 of the amount will be non-refundable. The remainder paid will be non-refundable if you do not choose a puppy when one first comes available, but your reservation will remain in effect for one additional litter.

Q: Will you refund my money if I change my mind:

A:  Your deposit is your promise to accept a puppy from the stated future litter. By accepting your deposit, we must turn someone else away. Deposits are Non-Refundable. Don't send a deposit unless you are certain you can and will accept a puppy when it becomes available!

Q: What happens if there are not enough puppies born in the litter to fill all reservations or I don't choose an available puppy from the litter when it's born?

A: You will be given the opportunity to choose a puppy from next litter born to the dam you initially chose. You mush choose a puppy from one of the first two litters born following receipt of your deposit. Otherwise, your deposit will be forfeited.

Q: Will I get first choice of a puppy from the litter when it's born?

A: You will be choose based on the order your deposit was received.

(Ex: first received deposit gets to choose a puppy first, 2nd received deposit gets to choose a puppy second, and so on.)

Q: What if I have additional questions:

A:  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the fastest response, please contact us by Email.