Meet the Breeders

We are not just "mother and daughter".

We quilt together, raise toy poodles together, and are best friends.

Mom and Gene.png

Beverly and Gene


Hi, I'm Beverly.  I am an avid quilter and love to take our poodles for walks on the beach.  My husband (Gene) and I have a home in Newport,  just outside of Morehead City.  When we aren't taking care of puppies (and I'm not quilting) we love to load up our poodles and a sewing machine into our motor home and travel to the mountains to spend time with my daughter (Rhonda) and our grandchildren.   I hope that we can move back to the mountains to be closer them.  After losing 2 children, I needed a change of scenery and chose to move from the mountains to the beach.  I love it here!  It's given me the tranquility I needed to grieve and hit the reset button.  My poodles have been my therapy through it all.  I am almost ready to go back home to the mountains now.  Hopefully I can do that soon.  In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the NC coast and all it's beauty!

Me and nick.png

Rhonda and Nick

I am Rhonda. I am the proud wife of Nick, owner of Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles & Toys and Paws Pet Boutique.  I am an avid quilter just like my mother! We can only take my poodles for walks on the beach when we visit mom, because my husband and I live in the beautiful mountains of western NC just outside of Asheville in the small town of Burnsville.  I enjoy spending time in my new quilt studio (aka: my very own She-Shed). Since it's located in my backyard, I just take my fur babies to the studio with me and they can hang out and play while I quilt.  When I am not quilting and we are not caring for puppies, my husband and I enjoy just hanging out on the front porch enjoying the beautiful view of  Mount Mitchell and the surrounding mountains.  I must admit, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  Together we have three children.   We enjoy every minute with them and they enjoy every minute with our poodles!