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The very BEST dog food:


(NOTE: Please do NOT order without emailing us first or filling out the form at the bottom of this page! We will get you our GREAT PRICE!

We will respond with a link to an account we create just for you!!!)

You know, it has been a battle trying to feel good about what we are feeding our four-legged kids.  We have went back and forth from high end foods to the lower priced foods.  It seems there are SO many recalls that it's nearly impossible to feel confident that you are doing what's best for our dogs.  


We have had months of fighting to find a dog food that makes our dogs feel good, look good, and appear satisfied and content.  I would buy a food, feed it for a few weeks or months, hear about a new recall or set of symptoms dogs were having and I'd change to another.   We have spent so much money on food that ended up in the garbage.  It's very frustrating!


After 4 foods that are suppose to be "high quality" (and high priced) foods either were recalled or didn't provide my dogs with the healthy nutrition, coat, and happy tummy, I went on a search for the best food I could find.

What I found was Life's Abundance.  This food is holistically formulated with only high quality ingredients.  The thing that made me keep reading about it was the fact that Life's Abundance has NEVER had a recall!  That's pretty important to me.  The price is amazing for a food of this quality.  Reviews are excellent and other pet owners and breeders have had such wonderful results from this food.   (By the way, they also have have premium-holistically formulated cat food!)

I am now a field rep for the company and will NEVER push anyone to buy something they do not want.  I did, however feel I should share what I have learned about this food.  If you would like to try this food, use the link below and you can shop my Life's Abundance website where you will find their amazing dog and cat foods, pet care products, pet supplements, and even a few things for yourself.  All this from a company you can TRUST.  

Let me know if you have any questions. If you would like to try Life's Abundance email us and so we can send you an invitation to try the food at a discounted price!

-Nicky Banks

Owner: Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles

Independent Field Rep: Life's Abundance


We want you to try it and I would like to be your personal independent representative. That can only happen if you use our unique link to the Life's Abundance website. 
(If you don't use a link from a rep, you will be assigned a rep.  Why not let me be the one to take care of your pet food needs?)
Ready to try Life's Abundance pet food at our GREAT PRICE?
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We challenge you to try Life's Abundance for 30 days!

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