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Puppy Prices
(updated 12/2023)

Toy Poodles $3000 and up

Miniature Poodles $2500 and up

*Please note: There is no such thing as a "teacup" or "tiny toy" poodle. Those are just nicknames used by the public and some breeders for different sized Toys. "Teacups" and "Tiny Toys" are just small Toy Poodles.


The above chart is simply an estimate.  Some dogs, especially rare colors and markings, will be higher priced. In addition, some puppies may be lower priced in certain instances.  The above prices are pet prices.  At this time we do not offer breeding rights.

Prices are subject to change with or without notice.

We reserve the right to place our puppies in homes of our choosing.  We reserve the right to return a deposit and refuse to sell a puppy to anyone, for any reason, and at any time prior to delivery if we feel a home is not in the best interest of a puppy.


(Note: We do not guarantee size…only God can do that:)

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