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What's Included?

Our gifts to you and your new puppy!

We truly love our puppies.  We enjoy being able to send gifts home with our precious puppies!

Not only does it help them to take something with a familiar smell, but it helps US to know they have some special gifts from us as they begin their new life with you.  

Example of a Puppy Gift Bag 

Our gift bags include things such as:

  • Blanket

  • Teething Toy

  • Lamb Chop Stuffed toy with the smell of mom and/or littermates

  • Squeaky Toy and/or Ball

  • Stuffed Toys

  • Several Potty Pads

  • Training Treats (Up to 500 Treats!)

  • Nutri-Cal or equivalent Glucose Supplement Gel

  • Sample baggie of Life's Abundance Puppy Food

  • Supplement Samples

  • Information packet we created specific to the toy poodle breed

  • Puppy Health Record

  • Copy of YOUR puppy's litter chart from our Veterinarian

  • Birth Certificate

  • CMTP Tote Bag​


Sample Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles
Puppy Gift Bag 

We want to help you prepare for your new puppy!

Afraid you are forgetting something?  Need advice on what type of crate or bed to get for your puppy? How about what kind of shampoo and conditioner we recommend? You can generally find all of these answers on our page of recommended items. Just click the button below to see what products we like and use! 

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