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5 Years Old

Approx weight:

8 pounds

Bree is five years old, and a very sweet, loving dog. She behaves very well and learns fast. She needs a home with older adults, no other dogs (single small male dog would be fine), and no small children. She loves other dogs and she loves children, BUT she wants to be the center of attention and is jealous, especially of other female dogs. She loves to sit on the sofa, snuggle in the bed, and she likes her belly rubbed. She has had a injury to her back right knee but so far it's doing better and she's not limping or anything with it. Because of this injury, she does not jump on the couch, and has to be lifted instead. Bree loves to  Ride in a car. She is on heart worm prevention and up-to-date on her vaccines. She loves to be groomed and brushed!  She is not real active but does like to run around in the yard with one of my male dogs and chase him. She does not like cats. Whoever applies for Bree will have to go undergo a very intense questioning because she is a special girl and needs a special home. Bree has been spayed and is house trained.

Interested in me?

Email and tell my parents why you think your home would be the best home for me. You can also call Beverly at 828-442-6559





5 Years Old

Approx Weight:

15 Pounds


I am Maggie. I am a miniature which means I am a medium size dog. I usually weigh between 15-17 pounds. I am currently nursing a litter of puppies so I won't be available for another month or so. I have already been spayed.

I am a VERY loving girl and I like to cuddle. I will hop in your lap like a tiny dog would and cuddle around your neck. I love to play fetch too! I probably shouldn't go to a home with an elderly person or someone who may be unsteady because I like to stand up and place my paws on a persons leg and get petted and loved. This could cause some people to lose their balance, so either be ready to train me differently or keep me away from people who can't support my weight of 15-17 pounds.
Finally, although I am a cuddly and loving girl who would love to lay in bed and watch tv, I also have lots of energy. The ideal home would be with a family who loves to hike or enjoy outdoor activities. I am crate trained and don't mind spending time in my crate and will not potty there. When I'm inside, you have to take me out often so I won't potty inside. If you forget to let me out, I may have an accident until I figure out how to tell you I need to go! My parents were imported from overseas and I have high quality, champion lines. The quality of my hair is amazing! It lays in super tight curls like a shag rug and is THICK! This means you will have to keep me brushed often between groomings to keep me looking fluffy:) It also means that when I am groomed, I look like a movie star!  Interested in me?

Email and tell my parents why you think your home would be the best home for me. (A rehoming fee of $1000.00 will apply.)

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