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Hi Poodle-Loving Friends!

In our February blog post we unveiled our sweet Kazia.

We also announced that we had several new additions to the CMTP breeding program (some which will replace others who will retire within the next 2 years). We promised that we would be showing them to you soon and here are some of our new additions!

Hello! My name is Cooper. I am an AKC brown & white parti colored toy poodle. I was born October 28, 2018. When I grow up, I will be about 6 1/2 pounds. I hope to have a lot of girlfriends but my mom says I can't have girlfriends that are smaller than me and she is going to be very picky about who she lets date me. I'm just excited to be in a home with other dogs like me.

My mom and dad (Beverly & Gene) let us all run around the house and nap on the couch with them. They don't leave us in cages except to sleep at night. They even take us on trips in their motor home! Not only am I handsome, but

I am such a lucky dog!

My name is Dutchess. I am an AKC black female toy poodle. I was born on September 4, 2018 and I'm from champion bloodlines. One day, I will be a big girl and will weigh about 6 1/4 pounds. I'm a slim built, dainty girl, so even though I'm tall I don't weigh much.

My mom and dad (Nicky & Rhonda) think I am the most elegant poodle they have ever seen. They like to watch me walk because they say I walk like a true champion girl. I'm not sure what that means but I like the compliments:)

I love to be groomed. It's my spa day of sorts! I also play fetch with a tennis ball. Mom and dad didn't even have to teach me to fetch. I guess I was just born to know that if I picked up that ball and took it back to them and barked, they'd throw it again (and they do it every time! haha As you can probably tell, I pretty much control this house.)

I expect to become a mom sometime in the late fall/winter 2019. Prince and I will make some pretty beautiful babies. Colors may include: chocolate brown, black, phantom, and white puppies. Since my birth daddy was red, I might even surprise everyone and have a red baby!

I'm not just little...I'm mama's baby!

I am Tar Foot Baby. My daddy (Nicky) named me this because of the dark ticking spots on my toes. Since we live in NC (the Tarheel State) he thought the name suited me. I was born September 19, 2018 and at 6 months old, I only weigh 3 1/2 pounds. My mama (Rhonda) says I will be about 4 1/4 pounds when I grow up. I hope she's right because being so little, I get to be carried around in her coat or robe a lot. That's when I am my happiest....when I'm laying against my mama's chest.

Kazia is my girlfriend. Me and her play a lot and she sneaks me kisses when mama isn't looking. She caught us one day and I thought she would be mad at us but she just giggled:) Since Kazia is a chocolate parti and I am a black parti, we will have all parti babies! And since me and her are both little, we will have little babies. I heard my mama tell my daddy that a lot of people want babies from us because we are so cute. That made me feel good...but I just don't want mama to like one of them more than me. That would make me sad. She told me that would NEVER happen and that made me feel better! you can see our dear poodle-loving friends, we have been blessed with some beautiful fur babies! We are excited to offer such quality poodles to you.

We aren't finished yet though. We have a few more to show off so watch for future posts and newsletters.

In the meantime, we would like to let you know that, in an effort to help you give your dog the absolute very best, Nicky has (for the first time EVER associating himself with a brand) become a Field Rep for what we believe is the best dog food on the market. Not only is it affordable, it is holistic and natural! (I don't know about you but I have spent more on trying to find a permanent food for my dogs than I can to admit. Not to mention the amount I have had to throw away because it either upset their stomachs, made them fatigued, or was recalled!) The employee-owned company that makes this food is proud to say they have NEVER had a recall on their food. To ensure it reaches the customer in a fresh state, they do not sell to stores. If you have any questions or would be interested in letting your dog try this quality food, please contact us so that we can send you a link to access the best price:)

We are also health testing all of our parents! Prince's genetic health testing came back completely clear! Here is a link if you'd like to see the results.

We are also health testing all of our parents! Prince's genetic health testing came back completely clear! Click the Paw Print Genetics logo on the right to see the results!

Or you can click here:

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who have visited our website, joined our mailing list and waiting list, followed us on Facebook, and/or purchased a puppy from us. We appreciate you trusting us to provide you with a healthy puppy in the past or in the future. We will always strive to be the family of breeders who provide you with the best puppy, advice, honesty, and even friendship.

Take care friends and watch for more updates on our new additions!

Yes, we have lots of SURPRISES in store for all our toy poodle loving friends!

We have several new additions to our CMTP family!

Kazia (above) is just one of them! In the weeks and months to come, you will be pleased to see a variety of colors and sizes of new Sires and Dams from Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles. This will help us to ensure we have what you are looking for. Keep watching as we will announce them slowly:)

(Can you guess how many sires and dams we have in total now? Leave your best guess in the comments.)

We are still small and our babies are still raised in-home!

As you probably already know, we are a two-family (Mother and Daughter) breeding program. My mom (Beverly) and I, along with our spouses, partner together to make our breeding program the best possible. We share everything from advice to studs. Our babies are NOT raised in cages. They are raised in our homes, under our feet, on the road when we travel, and often in our beds when we sleep. They truly are part of our family. They like to sleep in crates together (we leave the crate doors open) and they often nap there during the day as well. We let them have their privacy when they need it:) My mom and stepdad take all their toy poodles with them when they travel in their motor home. The never leave home without them!

AND.....This gorgeous little guy is available!!!

Our Breeding Family

Beverly & Gene live on the NC coast just minutes from Atlantic Beach.

Rhonda & Nick live in the mountains of NC just NE of Asheville.

Thank you for your steady support of Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles. YOU are the reason we do this.

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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Your puppy is playing and having a wonderful time, then he just falls asleep suddenly and you can't wake him....What's Happening?????????

Your first thought should be "Nutri-cal" NOW!

Your puppy is likely suffering from a drop in blood sugar, known as Hypoglycemia. Toy breeds are notorious for this. Adult dogs and non-toy breed puppies can have an episode of hypoglycemia if they are running and playing very hard without taking time to rest, but puppies...well, they will almost certainly experience it at some point.

Prevention is not always possible, as the tiny liver of a toy breed puppy can't keep up with the demand of sugar production the puppy needs. Think of it this way: if you drive, you are using gas. Your gas tank only holds so much, so if you don't stop for fuel, you will run out. If your car has no fuel, it can't run. The smaller the tank, the less fuel you can reserve. This is what happens to your puppy. Toy breeds are tiny! They amount of fat they can store, or reserve, is small and gets used up quickly. This fat gives your puppy energy. When the fat storage runs out and the liver falls behind in production of sugar, your puppy can die if you do not assist him immediately.

This chocolate toy poodle puppy is Louie.  This sweet baby now belongs to Mariah.




1) How will I know if my puppy's sugar drops?

Here are some symptoms and tale-tell signs. You should assume hypoglycemia if:

*he is playing and suddenly falls asleep

*he cannot be awakened

*his head flops to one side and he can't seem to be able to hold his head up.

*he can't seem to walk suddenly or wobbles when he is walking

*he begins to shiver when he should not be cold (his body cannot regulate his body temperature without enough sugar) and he needs to be kept warm.

*he appears to be confused or have a dazed look in his eyes

*he appears to suddenly show any other signs that he has become weak

2) What should I do if my dog's sugar drops?

Give your dog sugar immediately! Nutri-cal is a great option. If you do not have Nutri-cal, give your dog corn syrup, molasses, or pancake syrup. I have found myself in a situation (a car ride that lasted longer than expected-stuck in traffic...ever had that happen?) where I had nothing handy except a soft drink. Yes, I gave my dog some of my soft dring. You will find breeders that would call me every name in the book for giving a puppy a little bit of a soft drink, but hey, my dog is alive!!! Anything high in sugar is better than nothing! Your dog may die if you do not get his sugar elevated quickly. YOU decide what is right in your own emergency situation.

3) After giving your dog a little sugar, it is important to keep your dog warm until his sugar level rises. (This can take as little as 10 seconds, but may take minutes.) Remember, your dog can't keep himself warm without enough sugar (energy) to do so.

4) What if my dog doesn't perk up after giving him sugar?

If your dog doesn't return to his normal active self after 30 seconds of giving him sugar, give him more. Continue this every 30 seconds. If your dog is awake but weak, he should return his normal self within just a few minutes. If after 5 minutes you feel he is still not quite back to normal, I recommend you call your veterinarian. (Note: If your puppy could not be awakened and is still unresponsive after giving your puppy sugar 3 times, call your veterinarian immediately.)

3) How do I prevent hypoglycemia in my puppy?

Although prevention is not always possible, here are a few things you can do to help reduce your puppy's chances of suffering from a drop in blood sugar:

a) Deworm your puppy regularly. Parasite infestations my contribute to low blood sugar levels.

b) Make sure your puppy has food and water available at all times. Puppies will often know when it's time to "refuel" their sugar levels.

c) Don't allow your puppy to overly exhaust himself. While children or other animals keep your puppy happy and active, he will be burning fuel at a faster pace, thus running out faster. Require him to take rest breaks often and let him rest until he is refueled and ready to play again.

d) Discuss prevention with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is the best source of advice for food and supplements to ensure your puppy has the most healthy life. Food choice is often the key. If your puppy's food is not up to par with his needs, he may need a change in food or a daily dietary supplement.

e) Pay close attention to your puppy's behavior at all times. Hypoglycemia can come on quickly and with little to no warning. The smaller the dog, the faster they can run out of fuel.


I hope this information has been helpful. It is an unhappy but realistic reality of these little fur babies. I welcome any feedback! My goal is to inform you to the best of my knowledge. I don't know everything, but I intend to keep learning. What I learn, I will share with you!


Take care and keep loving those fur babies!



(Disclaimer: This information is in no way intended to be a substitute for advice and care from a licensed veterinarian. I encourage you to verify any and all information provided here with your veterinarian. As always, if you are concerned about your pet, call your veterinarian or take your puppy/dog to the nearest veterinarian hospital. In addition, this is my opinion based on our family's decades of owning, caring for, and breeding toy poodles. Although this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I encourage you to confirm this information with your veterinarian. Remember, veterinarians are the first to hear of new research, knowledge, and solutions to care and medical treatments for your pets.)

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