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How to purchase a puppy & things you should do first:

(Updated 08/21/2020)

Thank you for trusting us to provide you with your next fur-baby.   


Here is a list of steps you should take to make the purchase and the puppy's transition to a new home easier:

1.  GET PERMISSION from your landlord if you rent your home before placing a deposit!!!!!  In addition, make sure that your spouse/partner/roommate agrees on the addition of a new furry family member before placing a deposit.

2.  IT'S FOR LIFE!  It is imperative that you understand that poodles usually live to be 12-20 years of age.  This is a life-long commitment for your new poodle.  They expect to be with you for their entire life.  Make sure that is also your expectation.

3.  DON'T COMMIT UNLESS YOU HAVE THE MONEYEnsure that you have the money in your account right now to pay for the full price of the puppy, even though you may only need to pay a deposit at this time.  Remember, things happen that are out of our control and if you do not have the money set aside now, please do not agree to purchase a puppy.  Your deposit is non-refundable!

4.  RESERVE YOUR PUPPY!  Due to the vast requests for us to accept deposits prior to puppies arriving, as well as an extremely high-volume of calls and emails each time a litter is born, we have decided to change our reservation policy. This allows us to focus on the newborn puppies instead of high volume telephone calls and emails at such an important time for puppy care. 

Beginning October 1, 2020:

If you are interested in a puppy, please do the following:

1) Complete our Puppy Application and email the completed application to If you are unable to print or return an application to us, feel free to call or email us.

We will accept a limited number of deposits for each breeding and we will contact you once approved, request payment of the deposit, and notify you of your position on the reservation list. We will guide you through the process including explaining our health guarantee, kennel club registration process, and final payment/delivery options.

2) Deposit: (We may require for a deposit to reserve your puppy)


Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  


Once you place your deposit, you must select an available puppy from within two litters born to the dam you chose. If you do not choose a puppy from the first or second litter born to her, you will be removed from the list and forfeit your deposit

(Some exceptions will apply such as: unsuccessful breeding, loss of puppy, or other issues at the sole discretion of CMTP. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable!!)


(Remember: If we accept a deposit from you, that means we turned away someone else. Your deposit is your promise to purchase a puppy from the first two litters born to the Dam you choose. Do not send a deposit if you do not intend to accept a puppy when it becomes available!)

5.  FIND A GROOMER: If you do not already have a groomer, you should be looking now.  Many experienced groomers stay booked up for months ahead so you should try to schedule an appointment for your puppy to be groomed at a date of your choosing.  Remember, poodle puppies receive a face, feet, and bum trim only until the age of 3-4 months.  We will provide the first trim before the puppy leaves our home if requested.

6.  PLAN TO SPAY OR NEUTER: Your puppy should be spayed or neutered when they reach an appropriate age.  There are professionals who recommend that this not be done to early.  I can provide information on this if you would like.  In the meantime, plan accordingly for heat cycles, etc.

7.  CHOOSE A VETERINARIAN: If you do not already have a veterinarian, you should have one chosen prior to picking up your new puppy.  You will be required to take your puppy to the vet within 48 hours in order for our health guarantee to be honored.

8.  NUTRI-CAL/FORTI-CAL:  Unless you have experience with toy poodles, I encourage you to research and read as much as you can about the breed and caring for a toy poodle puppy.  The most important thing you remember is that, like all small breeds, they can suffer from acute onset of hypoglycemia (a drop in blood sugar).  They are so small; their body cannot regulate their blood sugar like a large dog's can.  We encourage you to keep dry food available for your puppy at all times.  In addition, if you notice your puppy is weak, lethargic, unusually slow to respond to you, or just appears droopy you should immediately get sugar in the puppy.  We recommend keeping Nutri-cal on hand at all times so if this happens you can quickly get it to rise.  You may also use honey, sugar, syrup, etc.  When your puppy's sugar drops, you should do whatever possible to get their blood sugar up quickly because it can quickly be fatal.

9.  GATHER NECESSITIES (and the desires) for your new puppy prior to picking them up.  These items include, but are not limited to:

Crate:  A crate provides your puppy with a safe place to stay when you cannot give it your undivided attention.  Puppies like to chew and will not hesitate to chew on furniture, electrical cords, shoes, and more. Toy poodles are small-they can get under your feet and be stepped on very easily.  When young children are around, you may find that a crate is a great way to allow your puppy to rest and prevent over-stimulation.  Finally, a crate is an excellent way to make potty training easier!  Remember, canines do not like to potty where they sleep:)

Blankets: You will go through blankets quite often at first.  Keep 2-3 blankets handy so you always have a clean one on hand.

Food: We ask that you feed your dog the same food we feed all our poodles for at least the first year.  We will help you to get a great price on the food as well. 

Toys:  These should be puppy safe with no buttons and no strings which the puppy could get tangled in.

Chews:  Your puppy will want to chew, chew, chew!  Remember, they cut teeth for many months.  I highly recommend Himalayan Chews.  They last even an adult dog a very long time.  Although they cost more than other chews, you will save money because you won't be buying them often!  We order ours from and they will give you a discount for signing up for auto-shipping.  I recommend signing up for the free auto-shipping because if you don't, you will find that they are out of stock very often.  These are the best chews and they are hard to keep in stock.  Their auto-ship customers seem to get priority.   (we are in no way affiliated with or the makers of Himalayan Chews.  We get no monetary benefit for recommending it.  We just love the product!)

Play Area:  Once again, I will recommend for this product because they have the lowest prices I can find.  We recommend the affordable IRIS 4-Panel Exercise Plastic Playpen with Door and it is available in 8 colors!  The mesh cover for the playpen is recommended if/when your puppy decides to learn to climb out of it.

(Again, we get paid nothing for recommending this product.  If you can find the items at a lower price somewhere else, it won't hurt our feelings.  Just remember to drop us an email and let us know where the cheaper price is so we can share it with others!

10. ARRANGE DELIVERY:  Arrange to have your puppy picked up or delivered when the puppy has reached the age and size that it can safely go to it's fur-ever home.  We do not allow our puppies to be shipped via cargo or to be delivered via ground transporter unless it is a very short distance. You may fly into to pick up your puppy, hire a lap nanny, or you may pick up your puppy in person. All arrangements and payment for delivery service is  your responsibility. We are not responsible for a puppy once it leaves our hands.



Here is a little information about the payments:


Non-refundable deposit required is $500.  We accept personal checks, Postal Money Order, and a variety of online payment methods.

Final payment:  When is final Payment due? It depends on how your puppy will be delivered to you. 


If your puppy will be:

-Picked up in person: Final payment is due in cash at the time of pickup

-Picked up by transportation service or anyone other than yourself: Final payment is due on or before your chosen puppy is 6 weeks old. If payment is not received by this time, we reserved the right to offer the puppy to the next person in line and you will forfeit your deposit!

Again, when we accepted your deposit and promise, we turned someone else away!  Please follow the rules we have laid out in advance so that the process goes smoothly for everyone involved...including the puppy!




The information above is to hopefully help you in the purchase of a puppy from us.  It is in no way meant to your only source of information.  We are here to help you through the process.  Do not hesitate to contact us with questions!  

****Please note:  We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone at anytime for any reason!  Our goal is to ensure our puppies are placed in the right home!  If you have any questions or concerns about payment methods, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  We will work with you any way we can.  

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