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Foster Program

What It Is

Fostering is a program where YOU keep the dog in your home and bring it back to us for breeding and whelping.

Who Is Eligible

We have a very strict selection process.

-We ask MANY questions.

-Foster Parents must live within 60 miles of Burnsville, NC (Zip code 28714).

 -We choose homes that can prove they have provided appropriate care for their past dogs

-The dog must become part of the family in the foster home.

-The foster family will be providing a normal, loving home for the dog (and we want the best!)

How Much Does The Puppy Cost Me?

We give you a FREE PUPPY with a breeding lease agreement! The puppy is yours to keep at no charge as long as you follow the breeding agreement!

Why Fostering is Better?

Simply put, a foster family provides a better home life than any breeder ever could! The dog gets more attention and becomes a very special member of the family. With the breeder, a dog can't possibly get the same amount of attention or training. 

Who Pays for Vet Bills?

As the owner of the puppy/dog, you will be responsible for paying for food, wellness care (vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, grooming, and all other non-breeding related expenses). We pay for any and all breeding related expenses. Once we remove the dog from our breeding program, we will ask that you have the dog spayed.

How Do I Apply?

If you think this program would work for you, Complete the contact form below and tell us where you live and why you think you would be the perfect foster parent. We will be in touch soon to ask you the million questions we like answers to before making a decision.


Fill in the form below and include a message to tell us why you would like to become part of our foster program and why your home would the perfect fit for one of our poodles.

Thanks for your interest in our foster program. We will be in touch soon!
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