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You won't believe this!

Yes, we have lots of SURPRISES in store for all our toy poodle loving friends!

We have several new additions to our CMTP family!

Kazia (above) is just one of them! In the weeks and months to come, you will be pleased to see a variety of colors and sizes of new Sires and Dams from Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles. This will help us to ensure we have what you are looking for. Keep watching as we will announce them slowly:)

(Can you guess how many sires and dams we have in total now? Leave your best guess in the comments.)

We are still small and our babies are still raised in-home!

As you probably already know, we are a two-family (Mother and Daughter) breeding program. My mom (Beverly) and I, along with our spouses, partner together to make our breeding program the best possible. We share everything from advice to studs. Our babies are NOT raised in cages. They are raised in our homes, under our feet, on the road when we travel, and often in our beds when we sleep. They truly are part of our family. They like to sleep in crates together (we leave the crate doors open) and they often nap there during the day as well. We let them have their privacy when they need it:) My mom and stepdad take all their toy poodles with them when they travel in their motor home. The never leave home without them!

AND.....This gorgeous little guy is available!!!

Our Breeding Family

Beverly & Gene live on the NC coast just minutes from Atlantic Beach.

Rhonda & Nick live in the mountains of NC just NE of Asheville.

Thank you for your steady support of Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles. YOU are the reason we do this.

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